Adéu, Emili

(Imatge extreta del diari Ara)
Explicava sovint que els seus alumnes de Betània-Patmos li deien de vegades, quan els llegia un fragment de llibre: -I això, per què serveix? I ell, tan tranquil i cofoi, els responia, de manera irrebatible: -I tu, per què serveixes?

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Secret Army - Where we come from

Un tema del nou disc dels Secret Army, amb una lletra molt xula.

Football, Skinhead Reggae, Rock & Roll!

It's like it was yesterday But it's really long time ago when the poison of this lifestyle was out to get me Waiting for the bus with your boots and your hair cropped short Laurel Aitken on the walkman and the world out there to be taken Fighting at the weekends at the pre-match when football wasn't a men's wear catalogue crap Getting in trouble and having lots of fun when the poison is out to get you what else are you going to do you gotta pay the price for the life you choose Chorus: Football Skinhead reggae Rock'n'roll From there's where we come from! Now we are pretty much older but the energy still the same in the way you learn a lot that's the way it is Been stabbed, been beaten down, music made me the man that I am Conquered my fears and left my troubles behind We listen to the boss sounds at the weekenders with those around that are still true to the game Take no shit from no one, no way If the poison is out to get you remember that you are not alone We are the Secret Army and we are coming back for you