Fragment entrevista a Paul Di'Anno (Iron Maiden) parlant sobre el seu passat skinhead

Alguns ja sabeu segur sobre el passat skinhead que van tenir Dave Murray i Steve Harris dels Maiden, ells mateixos n'han parlat en varies entrevistes, tot i que van estar-hi involucrats als inicis (els dos son nascuts l'any 1956, i els nanos es feien skins de ben jovenets per aquella época) i no pas en els temps de l'Oi i el Punk, desgraciadament no ha aparegut mai cap imatge, o no l'he sabut trobar de cap d'ells amb l'estètica concreta, com tampoc l'he trobat de l'ex-cantant dels Maiden Paul Di'Anno, però sí que he trobat aquesta entrevista:

HMP: Thanks a lot, Paul. The other story is about concerts, where some skinheads were in the audience. Were you playing for English National Front?

Paul: No, no no. I'm definitely not a racist. I couldn't do it. There was a lot of skinheads those years. We actually had them in Holland with Killers a few years back as well. There was about 300 skinhead in front with "sieg heil" and we stopped the concert.

HMP: Were the skinhead from 70s and 80s connected with racism?

Paul: No. I was a skinhead for myself. You don't have to be a racist to be a skinhead. It was more contra fashion, if you know what I mean. I went from skinheads to punk and look at my haircut - I'm still between, I'm still skinhead (laughs). Heavy metal kids came from both skins and punks. (Enters Lea Hart, Paul's manager, who was responsible for the whole True Brits session, from which came a lot of albums, compilations and scandals)